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1MoN !~CRIMSONWOOD CODE~! on Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:00 pm


Forum Admin
Forum Admin
Alright guys, here's how I'm planning for this to work...

I'll be conferring with Izzy and a few other people and try to get this all running. I'm hoping to designate a few people as raid leaders or raiding captains. I'm not going to sit around and run this section of the forum. Being that I only have a level 77 hermit and a level 50 bandit as my two highest characters, I'm not exactly suited for planning or running these things.

Only mods, admins, and when I set it up, the designated raid captains, will be allowed to create and maderate threads. Everyone else can still post, and guests will be allowed to as well, leaving their IGN, etc., to apply for the team, or to purchase a Zrun.

The main rules of the overall forum still apply in these forums. No spam, nothing obscene, etc.

That's all for now.

Your friendly admin and fellow guildie,
~Evan (xSilenisx)~

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