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!~FORUM IS GO~! 9/30/09

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1!~FORUM IS GO~! 9/30/09 Empty !~FORUM IS GO~! 9/30/09 on Wed Sep 30, 2009 8:12 pm


Forum Admin
Forum Admin
Alright, guys! It's finally go time for the forum!
Now, it's imperative that everyone in the guild signs up of course, the deal is, I NEED feed back! Do you hear me, my guildies?


Now that that's clear, please register accordingly, stating all the info needed.
Now, here's the downlow on the status of the forum...

1. Numero uno, is that this thing isn't fully completed yet!
It's functional, yeah, but so much more can be added, and will be added, with the help of you guys. I need suggestions and ideas of what kind of topic forums to add, like Word Game forums, etc. Also, this isn't the final version of the site. I could put in some PHP (Live-action webpage stuff, for those of you not Internet savvy) and the background, style, and emoticons for the site are not complete. I'm hoping to make emoticons for most of the equipment on Maple, allowing shortcut access when posting in the Guild Market forum, or when discussing a certain item or equip.

2. Moderators will be needed as the forum expands!
We can't deny it, for some of us, school is in session, and for a few of us, that means more than just homework taking up time outside of school. For me as the forum admin, it means college visits, applications, viewing, etc. I'm a senior in high school, and it won't be long before I am totally swamped with homework and college info. I'll be recruiting moderators for the forum, and as seen, we already have two of them, Ali (Diventius) and Izzy (Opaque). When the forum starts getting busy, I'll start recruiting more.

3. Check the forum often!
One of the main purposes of this forum is to schedule guild events, meetings, and dungeon runs/raids. It can also be used as a sign up for MoN and Zhelm purchases, which will be very helpful as Glitter expands and we get more higher job members, and go on Zruns and such more often.

That's all in the announcement for now, and I hope you guys enjoy everything!

Your friendly admin and fellow guildie,
~Evan (xSilenisx)~

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2!~FORUM IS GO~! 9/30/09 Empty Re: !~FORUM IS GO~! 9/30/09 on Thu Oct 15, 2009 8:56 am


Forum Admin
Forum Admin
In terms of PHP, not entirely sure.

In terms of changing the structure, I can handle that. I'll get on that ASAP (Is at school).

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