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1ZakumHelm !~ZAKUM BUYER SIGN UP~! on Fri Oct 09, 2009 2:35 am


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Forum Admin
So, here's how it goes...

List the following...

Name (Optional):
In-Game (Character) Name:
Available times:
Playing hours:
Email (Optional):

The runs cost 25m, as of the last check. If you d/c during the beginning of the run, before Zakum is summoned, you can try to hurry back, but if you don't make it, we're sorry, and we can NOT refund you. The same goes if you die. It is recommended that you turn down your graphics as much as possible, and that you run on a clean, clear, consistent and reliable connection. Remember to bring PLENTY OF POTIONS! It is recommended that you buy tons of melted cheese, as it'll heal you for more than enough. MP is not necessary.

The minimum HP you will need is 1950 HP WITHOUT Hyper Body. It's better if you have 2k+ JUST to make sure. If you feel like or need a bit more of an HP boost, try equipping an emergency tube. It gives a nice +150 to HP.

It is recommended that you show up an hour or at LEAST 30 minutes before the run. Make sure you are COMPLETELY prepared. We will not allow you to go back and delay the run, it is scheduled for a REASON. Meet in the town of El Nath, around the area under the 3rd job house.

Refunds are not allowed. Sorry.

Your sign up info should look like this if you choose to do optional choices.

Name: Evan
IGN: xSilenisx
Times: 7~9 PST
Playing Times: (Insert days and hours here) PST

If you have any preferred days, list them. We will try to fit you in, but remember, we are on a schedule. Exceptions to have an entire run for ONE person will be EXTREMELY RARE if they even happen at ALL.

That is all for now. Guests are allowed to post in this without an account. Thank you for your time.

The next scheduled run is FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9TH, AROUND 7~9PM PST. There is a CWK run at 7PM PST, the Zak run will take place after.

All scheduling is subject to change.

~Evan (xSilenisx)~

P.S. Buyer posts will be cleared after every week.

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