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Forum Admin
Forum Admin

These are the rules of the forum! Heed them well, or be suspended, or worse, banned!

The following rules are essential to keeping the forum running, and maintaining a good atmosphere. I'd really prefer not to have to ban anyone, and I'd like for everyone to be nice to each other.


The rules are as follows, and are subject to change at any time!

This is rule number one, and you better listen to it. I will not ever tolerate guild members insulting each other, or having fights in threads or anywhere in the forum outside of PMs. If you have a problem, make it a personal one. I, and I'm pretty sure no one else, wants your drama in the forum. Everyone (if you look in your profile) have a Friends/Enemies list. If you REALLY have a problem with someone, then add them as an enemy. But, I'd like to note, PLEASE USE THIS AS A LAST RESORT!! I'd really hate to have guildies ignoring and blacklisting each other. It's just not cool, and it's kind of a downer on everyone else. Let's resolve our problems peacefully, people.

This should be extremely obvious. Do not spam the forum, or any thread. If we have a Random Game thread, don't even spam that. I don't care what reason it may be for, if you spam it, I will PM you a warning first, if you continue, I will suspend you from that forum. Continue further spamming, and I will suspend (ban) you from the entire forum itself.
Spamming is consider as follows...
A.) Posting incomplete posts, therefore making more posts than necessary to get your point across. Say it one post, or just don't reply at all.
B.) Creating multiple topics/threads with the same subject, rephrased or not. We don't want the forums filled with useless topics, guys. It's annoying.
C.) Creating a topic/thread that is exactly the same or similar to one that had been deleted due to being considered spam, already existing, or inappropriate. Reason: If it was deleted by someone other than the author, than it was meant to be deleted. Don't recreate it.
D.) Spamming the chatbox. Seriously, if I have to ban you from the chatbox, something is wrong.

This includes excessive foul language, pornography, hentai, or something that's just absolutely disgusting. Nothing overly violent, or gorey. I will not have this forum polluted with disgusting, vile, and obscene images, videos, animations, or language. I honestly will ban you for this faster than anything else. If you really want to discuss/show each other this stuff, take it to PMs. If I get any complaints about it, I will ban you, and will also ban you if it leaks out into any threads in any way. Do not post any links to such sites in any topics/threads either. You will banned for this as well.
If you truly wish to intelligently discuss something along these lines, such as pornography, or anything else listed above, take it to PMs. While I myself have no problem debating over it, or discussing it as a form of art (some people consider it as such, but it's a matter of perspective), while I'd like to say go for it, I'd rather take the good of the guild, the forum, and the comfort and opinions of the other guildies into consideration, and I'm going to have to ask you to take it to PMs as well.

This should be another obvious one. Don't talk back or blatantly ignore or disobey any of the moderators. They were made to keep the forum stable, clean, and to help the members. If a moderator is being abusive, etc., PM me, or email me personally, and I will take care of it. Make sure to give screenshots or excerpts of chat. If you make a false accusation for the sake of a reason such as, "I don't like the mod," whether in-game or on the forum, you risk being warned. I will not tolerate lying.

For now, that is all. Please follow the rules, and have a good time. Hope everyone gives their best in the forums!

Your friendly admin and fellow guildie,
~Evan (xSilenisx)~

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