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Forum Admin
Forum Admin
Alright guys, here's the deal on the guild market forum.

The point of this forum is to make it so that you can let the entire guild know what you're selling. If you're going to use this, you need to let them know what's being sold, and what you might be buying or looking for, or trading for, in one post.

Your entire shop listings for what you're selling, what you wish to buy/trade, should be in ONE, SINGLE POST.

To keep the guild market free of useless threads, the steps are as follows...

1. Title it with your name!
Create a thread, with the title <Name here>'s Shop/Company/Inc./ whatever you feel like. Just make sure it's clear in the thread title that it is your shop, and put your name on it somewhere in the title. Example...

xSilenisx's Shop!, or xSilenisx Inc., and so on. If your name has unnecessary X's or numbers, and no one has a similar name, feel free to ignore the X's/numbers.

2. List everything you are selling/buying neatly!
I can't stress this enough. It's important that you list things neatly, and orderly, so people can read, and everything looks nice. Here's an example...

I am selling...
-Summoning Rock x 100 Price: 6,000 each
-Mushmom Spore x 2 Price: 500 each
-Dark Identity LEVEL 60 REQ: (X amount of LUK/DEX/Whatever STAT) THIEF +5 LUK, 52 DEF x 1 Price: 3,000,000

I am buying...
Maple Claw LEVEL 30 REQ: 0 ALL STATS +1 LUK, 26 ATT, 7 SLOTS x 1 Price: 12,000,000
Magic Rock x 10 Price: 10,000 each

If the list does not look like the above, or of similar neatness and clarity, you will be asked to fix it, or the thread will be deleted.

3. Do not reply on your own thread to change your shop listing!
Do not do this, it makes things really confusing. Instead, edit your first post, and simply change the listings, item names, stats, prices, etc. For one, it makes it easier for you, because you only have to retype half of the stuff, and for everyone else, it's in the same place as it was before; right at the beginning of the thread, which makes it easier to view, and reply to.

4. Please check your shop thread often!
After all, you don't want to miss a sale or an offer. Check your thread often to keep people happy, and for yourself, to make easier cash. Also make sure to update your original listings often, so people don't think they're attempting to buy something that isn't there, or sell you something you don't need!

5. Scamming is not allowed!
This is a guild rule as well. If you agree on a trade, sale, or purchase, you must complete it, and pay as your promised. Failing to pay/trade/sell the item you agreed upon selling, etc., will result in being banned from the forum, and most likely, kicked from the guild. DO NOT SCAM. It will not be tolerated.

That's all for now, any rules I think need to be added will be added later. All original guild rules apply to the Guild FM as well. Thank you, and have fun hawking your wares!

Your friendly admin and fellow guildie,
~Evan (xSilenisx)~

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